Friday, 25 September 2015

Review: Premier Inn 'Purple Sauce'

As we all know the world is saturated with sauces, for all kinds of occasions, from the wonderful ketchup to the yucky brown sauce.

Everything is a personal preference, for Premier Inn to offer an alternative breakfast sauce in the form of 'Purple sauce' is bold to say the very least. For those of you who watch shows such as Dragons Den, you will see the plethora of sauces trying to start off or compete with the 'big boys'.
"Crafted with the help of expert chef Ed Baines, Purple Sauce is designed specifically for breakfast and is set to ‘shake up’ the hotel chain's breakfast menu and get guests ready for the day ahead".

Now to Purple sauce and whether I like it or not. The presentation (in which the sauce was shipped), was superb. A very vintage looking wooden box , which immediately made you think this is going to be something quite special. This is a sauce developed alongside British celeb chef Ed Baines (ITV's Britains Best Dish ) after all! 
"Ed Baines commented: "Purple Sauce is the perfect accompaniment to a cooked breakfast. Its smoky flavours really work well with meat – particularly pork – and its underlying fruity flavour is very satisfying".

Purple, maybe.. more plum coloured sauce and more darker once on a product of your choice.
The main essence of the sauce consists of blackberry base (fruity and perhaps a little strange for a sauce), cumin, chillies and cider vinegar (along with the bog standard salt, pepper etc...).
Even though it is a breakfast sauce I decided to experiment a little bit and picked three different dishes to try the sauce with.. a simple sausage & egg sandwich, beef burger and a steak.

On the sausage sandwich, it was okay. Would I swap if for ketchup, probably not, the vinegar taste of the 'purple sauce' is quite overpowering. Whilst I acknowledge that ketchup has other ingredients than tomatoes, the reality is it tastes a little better on a sausage sarny.

On the beef burger, I actually enjoyed the sauce, beef is quite a strong flavoured meat, and therefore the purple sauce seemed to complement the strong flavoured beef burger (and salad). So a definite thumbs up with purple sauce and beef burgers.
As you can imagine, the steak too was excellent with the sauce. I would actually argue that the sauce seems more tastier on a strong meat (such as beef). 

I personally would have this sauce over jack daniels sauce, blue cheese sauce (even natural juices) in a restaurant.
As you can tell from the above a mixed review for the purple sauce, but a definite winner with beef!

Please note that the 'purple sauce' is only available in all 'Premier Inn' hotels and restaurants with sachets available at breakfast time.

If you get a chance to try Premier Inn's Purple sauce, then I say you may be in for a treat!

Disclaimer: I was sent the items mentioned above for the purpose of this review. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

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  1. Have to say, this sounds scrummy. Think I might have to invest in some!