Friday, 14 August 2015

The perfect secret shed hideaway

I have noticed that few times my husband looked after L I ran into the garden to do some tidying up s it helps me to relax. I love our wild garden and it would be great to have a hideaway spot where I can relax and enjoy my well-deserved "me" time.

I would like to have a cosy shed in my favourite dark purple. 

To be able to treat myself to a massage or

to enjoy few minutes (30 minute ideally) in a Jacuzzi
It is always great to relax, I would love to have a whole day to myself without worrying about baby naps, changing, feeding etc., but even then I need to remember when I have to go back to my little princess and for that I need clock and 
a lamp in case if it gets dark.

I don't need big sofas, I just need a cosy, comfortable armchair
to watch my favourite TV shows

Just an ideal clutter free secret hideaway shed (I have enough at home)!

This is my entry into the Ana Mum Diary and Tiger Sheds blogger competition.

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