Wednesday, 12 August 2015

L's first birthday

I started planning L's 1st birthday since her half birthday. I have reviewed birthday invitationstissue paper wall decoration and LED 1st birthday banner which we have used on the day. I also used made to order and to match with my colour scheme wall and table decorations from Paper Fete, as I hate our red feature wall in the lounge I have covered it with a white tissue so that it looked like baby pink wall, ordered couple of big tissue pom-poms and made couple glitter cardboard number 1s for the garden. 
We were hoping for a good weather for the BBQ which I have planned and thankfully it wasn't too bad. We have invited close family members and their partners, the only mummy friend I know with her 2 daughter (I thought that L needs to play with other babies) and my mum came to see us as well. 
Recent research from the group Campaign to End Loneliness has shown how detrimental loneliness can be to a person’s health, especially for older people. It  was very important for me to have mum around as she lives quite far from us on her own and I want her to see L grow as well as to feel needed and loved. It can be quite daunting without any family around and every time mum comes she tends to stay for couple of weeks. 

We have prepared butternut squash and lentil soup for soup eaters, rice, fruit and veg for babies and usual BBQ food for adults. 
I have also had some entertainment- Garden Quoits, but as some of us haven't seen each other for a while there was a lot to talk about apart from looking after the kids. 

L absolutely loved having other kids around, she was so excited to see a baby and decided to get inside her pushchair to get to know her better! They tried the slide and L's 1st birthday present from us- playhouse, I have also brought a ride on toy from the shed which L liked a lot, in fact all girls liked it. L started using it as a walker and I'm pretty sure it helped her to feel more confident on her feet.
L was truly spoilt rotten with attention and present, what more can you wish for!

Disclamer: Sunrise Senior Living have provided Sainsbury's £30 gift card and Garden Quoits for the purpose of taking part in a campaign to end the loneliness, other items were purchased on my own money or review as mentioned above.

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