Wednesday, 26 August 2015

Arts & Crafts: glitter cardboard number 1

When I saw Deborah from Super Busy Mum decorating a wooden number 2 with glitter for her daughter's 2nd birthday party I knew straight away that I want to recreate something similar for L.

It took me couple of weeks to finish the project but it was worth it!

 To create a glitter cardboard number 1 you would need:
- medium size cardboard box
- small sharp knife
- ruler
- pen or pencil
- white paper or paint(optional)
- glue
- glitter (100-200g)
- gloves
- tray

So here is a step- by-step guide:
- turn the box on a wider side and with a ruler and pen draw the lines for number 1 ( you would need two number 1s and small pieces of cardboard to glue the sides together)

- when finished cut the sides (I used a small knife as it was faster and easier than with scissors)
- use the first cut out as a stencil to cut one more cardboard number 1
- cut out small pieces of cardboard according to the size of your number 1 for the bottom, 2 sides and top
- sellotape each side one by one
- (optional) once the cardboard number 1 is sellotaped glue pieces of paper onto the sides. I have experimented a little bit here as had 2 cardboard figures to work with- the first one I painted with Rust-Oleum pink paint and the second free standing number 1 I cover with white paper. First method was a little bit easier as I didn't have to "cover" white background
- prepare a tray and either empty glitter on a tray or put the number 1 on one side and apply glue and then sprinkler the glitter on top and leave it to dry

Disclaimer: I was provided with Rust-Oleum for the purpose of these updates. All opinions are honest and my own.


  1. Love this idea :) It looks great, you are really talented!

  2. Looks awesome and thanks so much for the mention lovely!