Monday, 11 May 2015

Review: ShadeMe baby sun shade

Before L was born I had a list (one of many) of what what me need to buy, parasol was one of the items as I thought we would need one during summer. In the end we didn't buy one firstly we didn't really need in the end and secondly after seeing different sun shades I thought that parasol won't shade my little one in the way I want. 

I wanted something universal that can be used during day light and for our evening walks. I here you ask why evening walks? Just couple of months ago L started to be very sensitive to outdoor lights, we used a large shrug for a while to cover the hood but as we had more sunny days we needed a permanent solution.

Shade Me kindly offered to review baby sun shade (£25) for which I'm very grateful! 

Shade Me Ltd is a brand new company set up by three experts in the Sun Protection market. Our aim is to develop and sell products that help parents to protect their children from the harmful rays of the sun. 

Baby sun shade is a universal pram shade that will fit most prams, car seats, pushchairs. 

How to fit: the sun shade has 2 elasticated straps (depending on the size of a pushchair/car seat you can adjust the length), bottom one is a a double strap which clips under the carry cot base or under the base of your pushchair/car seat. It is a little bit awkward to do it on your own so I have asked my husband to hold from one side and pass the other end of the clip. The second strap fixes at the top of the pushchair.

The amount of shade your baby will have depends on the ShadeMe position i.e. at the top of your pushchair's hood or at the bottom. Due to it's stretchy material you can pull the sun shade at any time when you feel your baby needs more shade or you can easily roll it slightly to allow more light. 

I haven't tried this one yet myself but the flexible wire allows the shade to be rolled up into the integral pocket on the top for easy storage. Having said that I would use the pocket as storage for notes/change, if it was the other way around.
I am quite impressed with the sun shade, it is not only protecting my baby from sun's harsh rays (it is made of UV fabrics, it achieves a 50+), it works as an additional hood extension, allows to maintain your baby's sleeping routine when out and about.

The latter is a very important factor for me, we have blackouts at home for when L naps but I wanted to repeat the same environment for her when we are out an about. All I have to do is stretch the pushchair hood and a sun shade as far as it can go, it will give enough shade and block most of the light which helps L to relax and switch off.

We have also used it on a rainy day, it is not waterproof and I don't recommend to use it on a rainy day (rain cover will be needed) but if it's spitting it will give enough protection.

Overall, it is a great must-have product for home or away.

Disclaimer: I was sent the above items for the purpose of this review. All thoughts and opinions are my own.


  1. This looks so easy to use and perfect for shading from the sun! #triedtested

  2. This looks fantastic, especially for this time of year x

  3. This looks very easy to use and perfect for the summer months, i think i need something like this for my 8 month old x #triedtested