Friday, 8 May 2015

Review: Kiddilicious wafers

Weaning is a very messy business, sometimes I have to clean highchair, floor, L, L's clothes and even myself. Sometimes I have to do the same when L is snacking, until recently! 

Kiddilicious have kindly offered to review wafers, which come in 3 different flavours- blueberry, banana and carrot.
We understand that first tastes are more intense for little ones which is why our rice wafers, with their subtle fruit or vegetable flavours, are ideal for developing taste buds.
We have received few packs (each pack had 2 wafers inside) of each flavour. 
I am really surprised but L liked all the flavours, including carrot one. I have tried the wafers myself, they are very light, dissolve easily in a mouth and very easy to break in case your little one want to have just a half of the wafer.
Wafers leave less mess than a usual rice cake and don't leave any marks on clothing at all.

If you look at the ingredients content you will find that they have contain sugar and salt, which is not ideal.
Having said that as L is a big fan of Kiddilicious wafers I have bought 3 boxes for when we are out and about (each includes 10 twin packs) which were on offer in Tesco at £1,50, usual price £2.
I always have a pack with me in a bag or in my pocket as it seems to sooth and occupy L when is is a bit fussy.

If you are not worried about wafers containing sugar and salt please consider buying them as they are suitable for babies from 6 months and gluten free.

Disclaimer: I was sent the above items for the purpose of this review. All thoughts and opinions are my own.


  1. I was shocked at the flavours when we had these a few months back too - but little miss loved them!! And they are so much easier (and less messy) than biscuits or rusks! xx

  2. My little one loves Kiddylicious snacks - I must admit I have not seen these anywhere, but I'll look out for them x #triedtested