Wednesday, 6 May 2015

Little L is 10 months

Oh my, L changed so much this month! 

Teeth: she has 4 top and 4 bottom teeth, the last 2 months were hard as she was teething and having cold most of the time

Behaviour: she is a proper little madam. If she doesn't like something she will tilled her had back and start crying or would go for the same thing over and over again. L is advanced crawler now and our house looks like a mess as she pulls everything-CDs and DVDs from TV stand, everything from the sofa, everything underneath the coffee table, on a walker, on a chair etc and she bites!
L is a very musical baby few times now she was singing to a song (in her own way of course) and she loves dancing-she holds 2 hands together and either goes from side to side or locked hands go up and down, very cute to watch!
Also L likes new clothes, I bought her a tutu skirt for her first birthday party and she likes to look at it and touch it and will be always excited if sees new item of clothing, proper girl!

Development/milestones: she has Lamaze soft stacking rings which she likes a lot and we go through colours every time and I have also started to ask her to give me rings or other toys, which sometimes she does when I ask her or when she just wants to share a toy. 
No walking here yet, but she likes to stand and to walk around coffee table whilst holding on to it. I have also tried to hold her hands to she if she can walk but it looks a bit clumsy. 

Sleep: we were struggling quite a bit with sleep as teething messed the sleeping route. I was left with no choice but to try controlled crying again, I still try to rub her tummy to make it less stressful, she seems to be getting used. Last week we were away in Wales and L slept quite good at night, but since we are back home every night is a bit of a struggle, again! She wakes up all the time, the only thing that can calm her down is my boob. I know health visitors and sleeping experts say that I need to drop night feeds but it's the only thing that works for us!

Clothing: L is still wearing 6-9 outfits as 9-12 are a little bit too long for her.

Feeding: I am breastfeeding and not planning to drop any of the feeds on top of that she has 3 meals and is very fussy. We have tried different meaty pouches and pots but she is very specific with what she will eat. L eats bananas now as she is not constipated anymore, yay! Likes rice, fluffy potatoes, spaghetti and mango! 

Oh, forgot the most important bit, L changed a lot in the last 2 weeks. I was told that at 9 months babies like to be more independent, no way! She is so clingy, I used to leave her in the travel cot in the morning whilst I was preparing my breakfast now she won't stay there! She wants me and me only!

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