Wednesday, 18 March 2015

When I've had enough..

As any mum I went through not knowing what to do, lack of sleep, baby's constant crying (still at this stage when teething strikes) and problems with breastfeeding. 8 months down the line all seems to be forgotten and only on days like yesterday it all seems a little bit too much.

I was told before by both my relatives and in-laws that L is very active but I don't think about it, I just get on with it.
When L has her moments I try not to think how annoying it could be I entertain her, make her happy and calm. 
On days like these I feel as if all my energy has been drained and only when L is asleep I'm glad that tomorrow will be a new, different day!

Would love to hear on your methods of coping with baby's crying?! 


  1. I know I must have coped with my kids crying when they were babies and toddlers because I'm still here to tell the tale but I also remember the nights when I just broke down and cried. I think it's in-built for most mothers to cope, I did basically the same as you. What else can you do apart from putting them in a room to cry themselves to sleep? I could never do that, each to their own but it never helped having a partner that didn't lift a finger to ease the pressure I felt under; a good support network is a must.

  2. Oh it is so hard when you have days like that (my week has been similar to yours from the sounds of it!) and some days it all does feel a bit too much. I try to remember that tomorrow is another day and if I really am struggling, I just have to walk out of the room and give myself a minute of two of time out to take some deep breaths and calm down which often takes the edge off. Hope next week will be a better one for you x

  3. Over here from #PoCoLo's newbie showcase. I have dealt with my baby crying in so many different ways over our 13m+ together. I've learnt to be okay with making it up and finding what works for us in each situation. Mummy's milk tends to be very handy and it works its magic most of the time. I've also learnt to take a break when I'm not coping, breathe, and then come back. Ultimately, it's good to remember that crying is an important means of communication from our baby to us, and like in any relationship, we grow in our understanding and meeting of each other's needs. You can only do your best at the end of the day!