Wednesday, 4 March 2015

Little L is 8 months

My little baby girl is 8 months, only for 4 months until she is 1!! It is crazy, how to stop the time?!

Last month we were tackling sleeping/napping in a cot, I was so happy about how L slept in the evening and jinxed it. She has a minor sniffles and was teething hence wasn't in the mood to follow any routines, since then it will take her ages to nod of in the evening, so we are back to square one!

L is not into jumperoo anymore, but she would stay for quite some time in a travel cot and in her activity room. Yes L has her own activity room, as now we have a spare dining room, which we never used and living room is incredibly small I thought that L needs lots of space to play and hopefully crawl. Last week I have moved few bits, put few boxes in a garage to make some space, ordered large play mats and even with a little mess on a table it looks lovely ans spacious!

I don't think L wants to crawl, she is trying to reach for toys but would go backwards and not forward. She is making more and more attempts to stand on me, in a cot, on a floor if I'm holding her, I am seriously thinking about investing in a walker!

My darling daughter keeps saying "mama-mama", "nana", "baba", "da" all depends on a day or her mood. Last weekend she surprised me a lot when started singing/repeating after daddy, it was only for few seconds but she was 100% in tune!

Clapping is another milestone, she is not advanced at it, but she would try to clap when playing, happy or sees daddy.

I have read 8 months updates of other blogger's babies who say that they can see their babies have toddler personality. I don't see this in L, she is still tiny and behaving like a baby, she is stubborn though, will have a tantrum if I'm not letting her play with adult toys (laptop, wires), but she is still my little baby girl!

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