Tuesday, 3 March 2015

Lamaze rainbow rings review

I have tried to stop our relatives from buying unwanted presents for L's first Christmas (each household had an individual wishlist), but as you can imagine it was impossible. My sister bought these cuties along with other toys from the First Christmas wishlist and all of them are very much loved by L.

Lamaze Rainbow Rings (6 months+, £11.99)
- Problem solving skills are fostered as baby figures out how to stack rings on the post
- Gripping and stacking the soft rings strengthens hand-eye coordination
- Full of different textures, the soft rings invite baby to explore- stimulating tactile senses
- Crinkly rings awaken baby's auditory awareness
- Bright, bold colors and patterns invite baby to focus, stimulating vision

It is very easy to recognise a Lamaze toy even without looking at the label. They are well made, soft and are made to help baby's development.

This was bought when L was 6 months and she was fascinated straight away with it's colours and different textures.

Each ring is a different colour, made of a different material/textures and each ring crinkles in different places (side, top, bottom). 
The pole itself is black and white (contrasting colours) and has coloured ribbon tags at the top, it also comes with a little surprise inside- jingle bells which are sewn inside the pole.

They are very easy to hold, very light, squishable, won't harm your baby and keep them occupied/entertained for a while!
Now she is 8 months and she tries to put them in her mouth, throw them, take them off the pole, shake the pole, reach for the rings.

I'm hoping that as she grows older she learns the trick of assembling, dissembling and maybe using them as an accessory- bangle. 
Definitely well worth buying!!

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