Wednesday, 11 March 2015

L's list of baby essentials

L wasn't a typical baby who sleeps during the day and awake at night, she was awake pretty much most of the time and also needed moisturing every few hours due to baby eczema and peeling skin.

Here is the list of our mush-haves for baby:

L was born with long-ish nails and we were told in the hospital that they will fall off, well they didn't and within first hours of her life scratched her face.

This is an obvious one as any baby needs baby vest, sleepsuits, blankets and maybe a cardigan if it's a little bit chilly.

Nappies: you would need lots of them. We bought 10 packs in size 1 which lasted us 4 weeks.

The swing was my saviour for the day and evening, when I needed a break from L as she was sleeping on me all the time I could pop her in a swing and she would eventually fall asleep.

The carrier we could use only in a forward facing position as L wanted to see the world when during evening walks and it seems that she cried less when I was wearing her.

I was against dummy for the first 4 weeks as I was worried about nipple confusion but now looking back I would offer her dummy straight away as without it we had non-stop crying 24/7.

Bath/Bath support:
For the first few months baby bath and bath support was a table centrepiece in our kitchen it was easy to use as I didn't have to lean to much plus having a bath support meant that I can place L inside the bath and have my hands free.

Digital Video Monitor:
Certainly a must-have as you can have guests in a living room or just do your own thing whilst your baby is asleep with a small camera watching over her/him.

Play mat:
It took a while for L to understand what she needs to do and it is so interesting to watch that with every baby change in development they do different things with the toys on a play mat.

Nappy rash cream/Moisturiser/Olive oil:
L had an awfully dry, red skin for the first few weeks as she was born 10 days later. We were told it is normal for an overdue baby and were advised to use olive oil, but as my husband suffers from eczema we went to see the GP who prescribed Ultrabase which we have been using every day. 
Nappy rash cream or nappy rash prevention cream/ointment is another must-have if you are not so keen or forget about nappy-free time or when baby is teething. 

Soft, small toys/loud rattles, musical toys: L liked a shabby blue dog teddy and a butterfly rattle which could be quite loud when you shake it. The louder you shake the calmer baby gets. And for bath times we had a musical teddy called Cheburashka who entertained L and stopped her from crying during bathing.

What would you add to the list?

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