Friday, 30 May 2014

Sleeping Bag Wish List

This week it's all about "Sleeping Bags" (max budget £20). I have an idea in mind that I need a sleeping bag for a little one as I'm very worried that she might be cold at night and of course I'm aware of SIDS. Here is my selection of sleeping bags with 0.5 or 1 Tog, do you think she will be warm or I need higher tog?

1. Mothercare Butterfly Baby Sleeping Bag 1 Tog- £14.99 

2. Purflo SleepSac 1 Tog – Mothercare £19.95

3. Baby Weavers 1.0 Tog Sleeping Bag (And So to Bed)Kiddicare £15.99

4. Baby Weavers Sweet Dreams 1.0 Tog Sleeping Bag- Kiddicare £19.99

5. Pink Hearts Sleeping Bag 1 Tog- BabiesRUs £12.99

6. Grobag Travel Sleeping Bag 0.5 Tog (Sweet Dreams)- Mothercare £20

7. Grobag Tea Party Sleeping Bag Exclusive 0.5 Tog- Mothercare £20

8. Baby Sleeping Bag Pink Fairy- Slumbersac From £14.99

9. Summer Sleeping Bag Mint Owl- Slumbersac from £16.99

Disclaimer: I have a written consent from all brands mentioned to use above pictures.


  1. i love baby sleeping bags i use them with my 12 month old since she was born as i was worried about her getting cold or wriggling under blankets etc we get hers from george at asda and they are fab they wash great and are only £10-£12

  2. I am so in love with number 6! Can you tell that I have sweet tooth =) #binkylinky

  3. I loved sleeping bags! I highly rate the slumbersacs great value for money. 1tog should be fine in the summer :)

  4. Number 9 and 6 are my favourites :) I've started using sleeping bags with my little one. He keps kicking his covers off!
    #binkylinky and #PoCoLo

  5. We used sleeping bags for a while with our twins. They're great to keep kids warm, if, like our girls they always kick the duvet off! They're too big for sleeping bags now, so I put their socks over their pj bottoms to keep their legs warm! The things we do! Thanks for linking up to the #binkylinky

  6. I love sleeping bags for babies! Sophia (my youngest) has one and its great, keeps them warm and stops them from shuffling under their covers!

    I have one from Mothercare a GrowBag one but its a bit big for her still. The one she currently uses is from Asda and its excellent!

    Emily x


  7. My boy has been in sleeping bags since he was a few weeks old as he is a wriggler- he is now 2 and still needs them, or else I get woken up countless times when he's kicked his covers off! I've reviewed some gorgeous ones from the Gro Company recently (
    Thanks for signing up to the #binkylinky

  8. I use sleeping bags and love them! I didn't use one last summer in the hot spell tho #binkylinky

  9. 1 tog should be fine for the summer, and then a slightly higher tog (2 or 2.5) for winter has always worked well for our girls, and they're just so snuggly when they're little!

  10. Sleeping bags are the greatest invention! I have always used them. usually I go for a lighter tog, then I can always add a little blanket if need be. #binklinky

  11. Ooohh just my kind of thing!!! Number 1 and 7 are my faves :) I'm expecting my first baby in 6 weeks and even though i was a nanny for 10 years, I'm not great on knowing togs! The famiies bought the sleeping bags and I just used what they told me, so never had to look into togs. We've bought a few but definitely need to do my own research when it's time to use them to see which I should use in which season etc. Love the ones you've chosen though! #binkylinky

  12. Sleeping bags are great as there is nothing worse thanw orrying whether baby is warm or has managed to kick off it's blankets - AGAIN!

    I think my favourite out of your selection has to be #6 the Mothercare one, as it's got a low tog, so baby won't overheat and it's got a nice design too.

  13. Fab review, we love sleeping bags and miss then now A is too old x

  14. That looks like a fab selection...almost made me nostalgic (read: broody) :) I think I'm partial to Mothercare because it was my go-to brand when my children were little, so a bit of brand loyalty there. x

  15. Potato was in sleeping bags until he was 18 months. Our favourite was the Gro travel one and the Kiddicare Funky Friends ones. We had thicker togs for the winter, so that he still only had to wear a sleepsuit. We used the 1 tog and 0.5 tog only in the summer and on holiday.
    Thanks for linking up with #BinkyLinky