Monday, 24 February 2014

What's your weird pregnancy craving?

Since being pregnant I never get food cravings, it seems that I actually want to eat less than I did before I got pregnant! Some of my “weird not eating habits" are- I can't stand onions or garlic and won't eat a meal which has both of these ingredients. If I'm trying to be a polite guest and eat oniony/garlicy meal I will suffer the rest of the day with weird after-taste and I will be forced to drink loads of water. I also can't have Indian or Thai curry (used to be one of our Friday night favourites).

It seems that my taste in food has changed, I can't eat most of the meals/products I used to like (but still no cravings), as I always have after- taste I need to be very careful with my meal and I feel thirsty all the time.
What's your pregnancy (non) cravings?

As a Cow & Gate ambassador I would like to present you a new survey , which reveals the weirdest and wackiest hankerings experienced by mums-to-be: 
A poll from C&G Baby Club Community reveals a third of pregnant women (31%) are just as likely to find the object of their craving in a chemist or hardware store, as they are in a supermarket, as they admit to unusual hankerings for non-food items, such as soap (11%), chalk (6%) and toothpaste (5%), as well as creative combos such as sausages and jam.

The survey found the most popular cravings to be 

With some of the more unconventional individual responses including rubber, paint and rocks, while one person even said tree bark and another the smell of tennis balls.

Nutritionist, Jo Travers, comments:
"Mums needn't be fazed by their pregnancy cravings. After all, they are just one of the weird and wonderful experiences of pregnancy that every mum-to-be has”.

"The survey reveals almost half of mums are embarrassed about their hankerings, however, this doesn't need to be the case. If they need reassurance they can speak to a nutritionist or if they're just looking to share and chat about their own experiences, even the wackiest moments, they can visit the C&G Baby Club Community, a safe and reassuring place where like-minded mums can connect."

More than one in ten (12%) are desperate to fulfill cravings before breakfast while over a third (36%) of pregnant mums confess to sending their other half out in the middle of the night on a special trip to pick up a cravings meal. Family members and friends are also kept busy with one in three (32%) pregnant mums calling in foodie favours from their nearest and dearest.

With chocolate being a popular choice, it's unsurprising a quarter of mums-to-be most commonly have an urge for....

 A quarter (27%) of respondents confessed to a liking for bizarre mixtures of sweet and savory foods. Intriguing combinations listed include sausages and jam, Mars bars and bacon, and Yorkshire pudding with chocolate spread.

Other weird and wonderful cravings listed by pregnant women surveyed include:
·Banana with marmite
·Ice cream and chips
·Prawn cocktail crisps and strawberry yoghurt
·Cheese and onion crisps with nutella
·Chicken and ice cream
·Sweet and sour curry with salad cream
·Wood chips
·The smell of shoe polish

To learn more about the C&G Baby Club Community or to share your pregnancy trials, tribulations and celebrations, from pregnancy cravings to best buys, visit

Thanks to Cow& Gate for providing me with results of the survey


  1. I really went off Weetabix in my last pregnancy! I had a ridiculous peanut butter craving though, especially with bananas...

    Nothing really this pregnancy, though have craved lots of sweet stuff...

  2. When I was pregnant I completely went off Diet Coke (which I love), started occasionally drinking regular coke (which i really don't like!) and my chocolate and peanut butter craving (sometimes but not always together) was insane!

  3. I have never been pregnant, so I can't comment on that, but I would find it really difficult to go off my favourite foods.

  4. I craved McDonalds with my first and fried eggs with my second :-)

  5. I really went off the smell of freshly baked bread...#BrilliantBlogPosts

  6. I pretty much craved the same with both pregnancies, lots of pickles, my youngest eats pickles out of a jar at 18 months, sure this is why! Thanks for linking up to #brillblogposts