Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Pregnancy update 23 weeks

Visible changes in my body: it seems that my bump feels harder and maybe sticking out a little bit more

Other changes: for the last couple of nights I fall asleep quicker than before, as you may recall from previous update I had problems with that; I have weird back/bum pains when I sitting down or trying to move on a sofa or even walk (sometimes it's unbearable I will mention this to my midwife next time I see her). Yesterday we used doppler to listen to Little L and is seems she was exactly where the doppler was, one of her kicks was so strong like never before. I think I might have swollen knees I'm not sure but sometimes in the mornings when I wake up I feel that they are heavy and it feels weird.

How do I feel: all the headaches and sickness are gone (touch wood); feeling tired quicker 

Cravings: still none

Fitness: Walking almost every day for max. 25 minutes and swimming once a week

Baby: At 23weeks baby is about 29cm from crown to heel and weighs a little more than 500g. Her swallowing reflex is maturing, so she will be swallowing and digesting some amniotic fluid which is perfectly normal and not harmful. She may even hiccup! Her lungs are also maturing but they are not fully functioning. They cannot process oxygen and C02 sufficiently on their own quite yet.


  1. I loved the second trimester, didn't feel as sick and tired, and wasn't yet huge :) Popping over from Share with Me x

  2. I liked the second trimester too. I won't say loved because I really wasn't very "good" at being pregnant but it was much better than the first and third! Visiting from the Share With Me linky!

  3. How very, very exciting. You just made me want to be pregnant again. shhh don't tell Mr. P. hahaha Thank you so much for joining SHARE WITH ME, I am loving getting to know other bloggers and their amazing blogs. This is so lovely, great pregnancy blog. Wish I was blogging back when I was pregnant.

  4. When I was in my 1st trimester I told Dh that thats the first and the last time) I think I might change my mind)

  5. Lovely update, I miss being pregnant, such a great stage you are at #sharewithme x