Thursday, 13 February 2014

C&G Baby Club Community Ambassador and community review

Few weeks ago I have been offered to join new C&G Baby Club Community ambassador programme. 

 I obviously knew about Cow & Gate products but never heard of the community before, for me as a mum-to-be at this stage it is very important to find answers to questions I have, share worries and positive moments and discuss stages of pregnancy with ladies due the same month and even to find online "friends".

Community offers:
  • Community Forum, a welcoming and reassuring place to share
  • Friend Finder, allowing you to connect with expectant mums local to you
  • Birth Month Groups, helping you chat and share tips with mums-to-be at the same stage as you
  • Amazing Moments, helping you celebrate and share all your amazing moments with other mums
- Community Forums offers different topic relevant to either parent or parent-to-be plus Careline specialists can offer you their advice:

- Friend Finder offers to search for a friend by distance, bump or baby in the same stage as yours and you can also search first-time parents only:

- Birth Month Groups means that you can pick month and year (starting from 2011) when your little one was/will be born; post quick milestone/special moment status updates (as shown in the picture):

- You can share your Amazing Moments with public by posting messages or uploading pictures in relevant topic (e.g. I'm pregnant, going public, first kicks, 20 weeks scan, I'm ready to meet my baby, we're family, first smile, first giggle, first spoonful, on the move, first tooth, first word, first birthday, first step):

As you can see it is very easy to find your way around it, it is definitely a new and exciting experience for me and I hope for you as well!
 Please join in if you are planning to have a baby, pregnant/supportive partner or already parents and spread the word!

All images were used from C&G website


  1. Cow & Gate are a great brand. Congratulations on becoming an Ambassador for them!! Thank you for linking up to #MMWBH xx

  2. Congratulations on becoming an ambassador! Thanks for linking up #binkylinky

  3. Congratulations! I got asked to be one too, it's a really lovely feeling isn't it! I'm working on our first project at the moment but nothings come of it just yet. Looking forward to seeing what the ambassador role brings to us :)

  4. Congratulations on your ambassador role. The community forums look like they would be really useful. Thanks for linking up with #binkylinky

  5. Well done on becoming a brand ambassador - thats fab! I didn't know they did a conception forum. I'll go and have a look. Thank you for linking to PoCoLo x