Monday, 21 August 2017

Review: Ladybugs Garden Playset and Little Live Pets Lil’ Ladybugs Single Pack

Few months ago little L came across and became a big fan of a cartoon where one of the characters is a ladybird. The more we watched the cartoon the more ladybird related products we were purchasing for L, so when we were offered to review Ladybugs Garden Playset and Little Live Pets Lil’ Ladybugs Single Pack I knew it would be a perfect toy for L.
If you have never heard of Little Live Pets here is a little bit about them: 

"Little Live Pets are the lifelike electronic pets that move, feel, act and sound so real. The more you play with them, the more playful they become.

Collect all of the pets, discover their personalities and listen or watch as they let their own unique personalities show! Adopt one today!"

I recall seeing Little Live Pets on Youtube but have never came across them in shops. Ladybugs Garden Playset packaging needs a special mention as it is quite colourful with ladybugs pictured all over it's cardboard bottom, with an oval dome "roof" covering the playset. This clear dome also allows you to have a sneak peak prior to purchasing the set. 
Once I have removed all the packaging, I have noticed few features making this playset a great and entertaining toy:
- colourful pair of ladybugs (1 big one called Spotsy and 1 little baby ladybug)
- ladbug's garden has different "paths" and slides to discover and zoom around
- a spinning flower elevator, which will help ladybugs to get from bottom floor to top 
- little white divider that blocks certain paths  (flower elevator) allowing to explore new routes
- different "sightseeing" featured to make ladybugs' journey more adventurous (a little house at the top, little white bandstand and white arrow signs on a pole at the bottom, which are not detachable)
- 2 white ramps that can be attached on both size of the playset for easy exit and entry
I have previously mentioned a flower elevator which was one of the first features L has tested out. For an easy transfer from one level to another L have placed ladybugs at the bottom of the elevator on a little purple pedestal, once L started to spin the flower's head ladybugs started to move forward and up until they reached its destination and off they went on a different path.

Little Live Pets Lil’ Ladybugs Single Pack (£5.99) 
packaged in the similar style as Ladybugs garden and comes with a big battery operated (battery included) Ladybug and a baby ladybug packaged separately to the bigger one. Both of the toys are part of the collection, altogether there are 12 colourful ladybugs to collect.
Bigger ladybug is a battery operated bug with little bristles imitating bug's legs and helping it move fast. Once it's turned on (a little button moved left or right to switch it on or off) it starts moving whilst making vibrating/buzzing noise. At the back of the bigger ladybug I have found a little section allowing to slot the smaller ladybug attaching them 2 together. 
Small ladybug has a longer front- a little black plastic bar which allows an easy attachment to a bigger ladybug as it cannot move by itself.

Overall, I think both Ladybug Garden playset and Ladybugs themselves are really cute and just perfect for my toddler. Even though these toys are recommended to use from 5 years old, my little L who is 3 years didn't have any problems using them under my supervision. She didn't find it hard to understand the mechanism of switching the ladybug on and off in fact she found it by herself she also found it easy to play around and gets really excited when the set it out to play.

The only downfall was that the bigger ladybug from Ladybugs Garden playset stopped zooming on day 3, it might be just due to L playing with the toy non-stop but of course I would have preferred for it to last longer.

Disclaimer: I was sent the item mentioned above for the purpose of this review. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

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