Monday, 7 August 2017

Review: Ben and Holly's Little Kingdom Live Show

We are all aware of this great little kid's cartoon and when I saw the tickets on sale I knew that L would be over the moon.

L is a huge fan of "Holly Ben" (as she calls it) and has taken a liking to a certain ladybird “Gaston”, so she was pretty excited to see him live. The live show takes a select few characters from the cartoon and presents a wonderful and imaginative story line which is easy to follow.

We attended the live show on a Thursday morning (10am) at New Alexandra Theatre, Birmingham, but you can pick a later time (16pm). I have booked tickets for Stalls with adult tickets costing £16.25 each and a child ticket £14.25.

The main storyline consisted of Ben, Holly and Nanny Plum visiting a little girls house to swap her tooth for money. But unfortunately the little girl wakes up and sees them all.. leaving them with a decision to make, what to do!?
The show is excellently present with brilliant background scenes and props. The characters are all dressed up correctly and perform really well, with dancing and singing for all of the family.

L was encapsulated throughout but the noise level went up a notch when Gaston appeared.. she immediately recognised him and kept on saying “Gaston, Gaston, look mommy it's Gaston”. Says it all really!

L also loved the flight back to the Little Kingdom, which they dimmed the lights for (darkness), and used small puppets to give the effect of them all flying through the night sky. It really was a joy to watch. You also get to see Holly's dad- King Thistle, who has a spot of bother with magic!

One thing to note is that the show length was approximately an hour, which seemed just about enough to avoid having a fussy/fidgety little one after the show. L was mesmerised by it all so for us it was not an issue.

I would definitely recommend taking your little ones to see Ben and Holly's Little Kingdom live show, even if they know nothing about the cartoon, it is guaranteed to get you singing and dancing (even once the show has finished)! It is entirely child focused and they have done a great job in keeping the kids involved and entertained throughout.

Thanks for reading and I hope it inspires you to book tickets to see Ben and Holly Live next year!

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