Monday, 13 March 2017

Chipex touch up kit for cars and screenwash review and giveaway

Recently my husband discovered some small scuffs/scratches to his car and was pondering what repair options were available.

Chipex offered a repair system  (£29.95) and I jumped at the chance to test it out (especially as my husband and I are dubious about repair paints/products).

"Chipex® was launched in 2009 so as to provide a fast, very effective and safe solution for the home user to repair paint damage to vehicles to a high standard, without the time and expense of going to a body shop".

The set is excellently presented in a tube with all the bits needed to complete a 'touch up' on any bumps and scuffs on your vehicle.

So what is inside: well you get everything from gloves and sponges to paint and polish (obviously!).
To begin with you need to clean the area and use the blending solution or white spitir with a cleaning cloth, to prepare the area for painting and to wipe away any previous paintwork.
You then carefully paint the scuff/scratch using the special paintbrush (several provided). Chipex provide you with the correct paint colour (small pot but sufficient) which you can simply order on the website bu typing your car registration number.

Once the paint has dried (varies depending on how much paint is used), you then use the blending solution once more and this prepares the area for a final polish and cleans any excess paint.

The polish solution is in a slightly larger pot which needs to be used with microfibre cloth (provided), which is used to merge the polish in with the scuff/scratch.
As there are quite a few scuffs/scratches I did paint and polish numerous areas around the car, some areas ended up looking better than others. But all in all much better than they were prior to using Chipex. To conclude, Chipex go above and beyond with the accessories they provide and ensure all elements are thought of.

Chipex instructions ensure a smooth transition between each step, and if followed correctly leave you with a nicely painted/repaired area (which used to be a scratch/scuff!).

So if your thinking about what to do with a scratch/scuff on your car, think Chipex!

As a part of this feature post I have also received Chipex Aquaphobic screenwash (£13.95).
As you may be aware, Chipex are more renowned for the chip repair system, but the screenwash they offer is as good as the repair system.
Here are some facts: 

  • The screenwash can act as an anti-freeze up to -2 degrees freezing point 
  • It comes in a 1L bottle 
  • Can be used for up to 7 refills (with a mixture of water) 
  • Improves rain vision & repels rain from the screen 
  • Streak free cleaning
Now I can tell you for a fact that my husband and I hate going out to the car on freezing cold morning to de-ice. Also our windscreen does get rather dirty from driving behind other vehicles (lorries), so the fact that Chipex provide a rain/water repellent screenwash is an excellent plus!

Put it this way any solution or screenwash that can help with our car is more than welcome in our household!

We did add the solution directly into the screenwash compartment, due to the fact that water had already been poured into our car, so the screenwash was poured in to mix with the water (already present).

However, if your screenwash reservoir is empty then you simply clean your windscreen (prepping) and then add 1/4 (250ml) for a 5ltr reservoir. Future use/top up of the screenwash can then be limited to 125ml each time, which allows for up to approx 7 refills.

An must have in your car for our wonderful British weather (especially in the winter)! 

If this sounds like something you would like to try for your car I have an exciting giveaway for one of the Chipex touch up kits, just enter via Gleam form below:

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Disclaimer: I was sent the item mentioned above for the purpose of this review. All thoughts and opinions are my own.


  1. Looks good, I like the idea that they send you a pot of paint with the order that is matched to the registration so you don't have to sort it yourself. #TriedTested

  2. Thanks for sharing your review on #TriedTested this week x