Monday, 2 May 2016

Review: #TweetABeat Bratz Remix doll Cloe

The moment I saw Bratz dolls TV advert for the first time I knew that I would have to have it for L when she is older. I have always favoured Yasmine but when we have received Cloe Remix (£12.99)  to review I have completely changed my mind.
Remix range introduces well loved Cloe, Yasmine, Jade and Sasha who are best friends with completely different music preferences but looking stylish as ever!

"Cloe really likes to dance about to the latest and greatest sounds as this Bratz Remix doll is a bit of a diva #PopPrincess
Yasmin is a much more chilled lady, and likes to relax to acoustic covers, which she connects to her inner vibe through medication #LyricalSoul
Sasha is a bit of a funky kid, and loves boogie-ing to her dance remixes #LiveOutLoud
Jade is keen on getting out and about, because she loves to keep moving, so her music has to be high energy electro-pop to keep her going! #Roar!"

Our chosen Bratz Remix doll Cloe is a #PopPrincess and she loves to listen to her favourite songs using the funky accessories included: smartphone and headphones with removable pig ears, but that's not all if Cloe's hair get messy whilst dancing you can always brush them with a lip-shaped pink hairbrush supplied as well. 

Even thought it says that Bratz dolls are suitable from 5 years of age I have spotted many toddlers L's age with similar toys. Once L saw the box and the doll inside she wanted me to open it straight away, and the wait was well worth it, since then it's one of her favourite dolls to play. As Cloe comes with a small smartphone I decided to put it somewhere safe as it does look a little bit small for L to play with and it can get lost easily, but we did try it for a bit and it perfectly fits and stays in Cloe's hand. 

Cloe's outfit deserves a special mention as it looks very girly, maybe even suitable for a festival. She wears a blue crop top with a lips print and a pink tutu skirt (I'm a big fan of tutu skirts so does L) with light brown boots.

If you were to compare Bratz Remix dolls with another doll brand you can certainly see the difference:
- Bratz dolls are made of vynil
- Cloe's head/face seems slightly bigger with very pretty facial features
-  her hair seems very thick and are of uneven length at the front (even though there are less hair attached at the bottom) with some white highlights
- you can take the boots from her legs but her leg will remain footless, having said that it seems that they may be swapped with a different set of shoes
- you cannot bend her arms but they are quite flexible even though only stay in one position
- the head turns 180 degrees
- you can change Cloe's outfit
- you can bend Cloe's knees backwards, forwards, from side to side
- you can style Cloe hair with a brush provided 
- Cloe's ears are already pierced

We have also been challenged by Bratz to answer some music related questions:

•What song makes you happy?  L and I like upbeat songs, ones that will makes us happy 

•What song makes you feel confident? A song I know how to dance to and L feels confident regardless, she just needs to like a tune

•What song makes you want to dance? Any upbeat song really, L loves one of our smatphone's ring tone, she even created her own dance move

•What song makes you want to sing? I like "Let it go" and L will make up her own songs

•What song reminds you of your favourite people? A love song, and Justine Timberlake "Mirrors" as it the first song we have heard at the hospital on the day when L was born.

I really like the range as you can pick not just a pretty doll for your child but you can educate him/her about different ethnic groups. Cloe Remix seems quite durable as well, L tests her toys in a little bit aggressive manner some times, as it stands Cloe survived. Hopefully many more years of fun with our own Cloe from Bratz Remix range. 

Disclaimer: I was sent the item mentioned above for the purpose of this review. All thoughts and opinions are my own.


  1. My daughter likes Bratz dolls, I think these would be a hit with her! Thanks for linking up with #TriedTested

  2. They look good. Only had Barbie when I was a child xx