Wednesday, 4 May 2016

Little L is 22 months

L has changed so much, she is like a sponge taking all in and then converts it into her own baby babble mixed language.

We have been doing some activities outside the house as I feel that she needs to interact with other kids now more so than she was younger. It is a little bit difficult as times as I don't know old rhymes, I speak Russian with her only so when we are around English speaking I feel embarrassed for speaking Russian but it's the only way she will learn my mother tongue.

She repeats words she hears, not all of them but the ones she picks are mainly English but I do understand her more now, so does she.

Still not very good with food, few days we had when L had a 
small nibble and nothing more, the constipation she has from time to time doesn't help either but Lactolose is always handy.

I have been planning her 2nd birthday party for ages- party theme, party favours, decorations etc, but I have stopped myself from spending any money as we are expecting only close family and friends so there is no need really for splashing out, plus no one pays attention!

Potty training is hit and miss, I should introduce it more during the day but sometimes just forget about it and only do potty time before bed. Yesterday evening we had another wee and I'm very happy about our little progress.

Tooth brushing seems to be hit and miss too, we had few weeks where L wouldn't make any noise and happily accept my helping hand but for the past few weeks it was a nightmare. 

L's personality is ever changing, few weeks ago L would be outgoing and sharing toys, this and last week she would hold my hand and want me to take her to places and people, I have also heard that she is asking daddy where's mummy gone or keep talking about me if I'm upstairs.
She wants other kids' toys, wants it all now, we had few tantrums with sitting on the floor and not wanting to go into the pushchair, but I'm used to it now. I will always explain to L if she was wrong and praise if she was good, better take that Reward box out.

Clothing wise L still fits in 18-24, some odd bits size 9-12 months can fit her too if they are stretchy and I have started to buy lots of dresses for 2-3, I don't even know why, sometimes dresses are so not practical, but pretty! 

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