Wednesday, 18 May 2016

Battle with the weight: update 2

Since my last update I haven't been on a treadmill for over 2 weeks due to the pulled muscle. I have googled my symptoms and it looks like a sprinters trauma so I had to relax and take it easy. 
I felt very guilty for not being able to run as I enjoyed it and it kept me motivated, so once I felt better and could walk without feeling pain I went on my treadmill just to find out that the "awkward", sore muscle pain is still there, but this time I decided not to stop but the moment I feel sore to hold on to the bar which actually helped a lot.

I didn't weigh myself not to get upset, but have treated myself to some new clothes, they are still in size 18 but they look pretty and I feel confident wearing them.

This week I feel a lot more hungrier than before, some days I still eat the half of my normal portion and others will eat the whole portion. Still no sweets, no bread, no pasta, I can't explain it but for the first time in a very long time I managed to blank all "bad" habits, I can watch someone eating a tasty dessert but it won't bother me at all! 

I look in the mirror every single day and search for changes, there are so minor and the progress is very slow but I know that I'm getting there. I have to do my best to keep fit and eat less and I will look slimmer!

Have you made any progress this week?

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