Wednesday, 5 November 2014

What we can do after pregnancy


Here is a lighthearted post from me!

Are you over the moon that you are no longer pregnant?!

 I came up with the list of things we- women can do again or feel like after giving birth:
  • Can see my toes
  • Lie on my back comfortably
  • Can sit at table on something other than an inflatable ball
  • Bladder holds loads now
  • Can walk straight without pain in pelvis
  • Not in a state of waiting
  • Can sneeze without a potential accident
  • Feel light
  • Can go up and down the stairs
  • Can breath
  • No longer have heartburn
  • Ankles have returned!
  • No more thrice weekly hospital visits
  • Can squeeze through small gaps
  • Can eat pâté 
  • Can eat mouldy goats cheese
  • Can drink wine
  • Can lay on my front
  • Can hug other half properly or other children
  • Miss being pregnant
  • Miss the bump and kicks
  • Miss the anticipation
  • Body feels better
  • Can ride a bike again
  • Love being able to stand up for a longer period of time
  • Can climb the ladder
  • Can walk at a normal speed
  • Being able to bend down
  • Being able to do a coat/jacket up
Feel free to add what YOU can and feel like doing after giving birth!

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  1. hahaha! That is brilliant....
    I've had two kids and I cross my legs when I sneeze to save a potential