Monday, 15 September 2014

Mamamoosh Milkscarf- breastfeeding cover review

When I was pregnant with L I was very determined to breastfeed and still am. The most uncomfortable part of the whole breastfeeding experience for me was the idea of breastfeeding in public. 
Since L was born we had numerous visits from midwives, breastfeeding support workers, health visitors, doctors, family members who were particularly interested in my breastfeeding technique, as you can imagine my dignity went out of the window. But I didn't want for it to be a norm, I just couldn't imagine myself sitting somewhere in the park or in front of others and whacking my breasts out.
Mamamoosh were kind enough to provide me with the Milkscarf (£29.99) in mink.

"So easy to put on you can even do it one- handed, while you're still holding your baby. Made from soft, light jersey the Milkscarf has a semi- rigid neckline so you can look down and maintain eye contact with your baby as she feeds in complete privacy".

How does it work?
The Milkscarf is a 2 in 1 item, it can be an every day scarf and a breastfeeding cover. 
For discreet breastfeeding you just need to put a neckstrap over your head, cover yourself and baby with the rest of the Milkscarf and Voila! Neckstrap itself has a flexible boning around the neckline which allows you to see your baby.


What I liked:
The principle is great, you don't need to tight anything, it's just simple as it looks. 
- I was really impressed by the width and length (60cm x 150cm) of the scarf. For me it is very important as I didn't want any parts of my body to be on show. 
- It is very compact when you don't need to use breastfeeding cover and fits in my changing bag perfectly with other baby's bits and bobs. 
- I picked mink as it is a neutral colour and doesn't attract attention, as it is available in a range of colours you can pick what suits you best!
- After several washings it looks very good, apart from few fluffy bits on the neckline but it's my fault as I tumble dried it. 

What I didn't like:
- Neckstrap on several occasions failed me, maybe due to my awkward sitting posture I didn't see L and I had to ask my husband to pull the material so that I can see if we have a latch. Mind you in the car I didn't have any problems at all with it when was feeding L. - Even though Milkscarf is made of a stretchy, soft, breathable jersey fabric I felt that the material stuck to me and interfered with baby's feeding.

I can certainly recommend Milkscarf, regardless of my experience it is a great breastfeeding cover and I will continue using it, as it is my little helper!

Disclaimer: I was sent the above item for the purpose of this review. All thought and opinions are my own.


  1. Im looking for a cover up for when I go back to work as I will be ecpressing x thanks for this review! #TriedTested

  2. oooh ok this is interesting! Nice way to start bringing breast feeding into a social situation x

  3. Looks good for those mothers who would rather cover up during feeds. I didn't feed O out the house very often, but would definitely look into something like this if number 2 ever happened! x

    I've nominated you and your blog for a One Lovely Blog award over on my blog :) I'd love if you'd take part and look forward to reading your post xx