Friday, 11 April 2014

Travel cot Wish List

This week it's all about Travel cots- budget £25 (travel cot can be very useful in case if we decide to have a small break or have a sleep over at in laws house). I have browsed different websites with lots and lots of different Travel cots, but I can't say that expensive ones any different from cheap ones, and as my budget for Wish List is always with reasonably prices items-something I can definitely afford here is my small wishlist, but deep down I also dream about MagicBed Travel Cot).

  1. Chicco Goodnight Travel Cot Graphite Kiddicare- £24.99
  2. Kiddicare Kip Travel Cot Black- £24.99
  3. Babies"R" Us Travel Cot in Granite- £23.99
  4. Koo-di Pop-Up Travel Basinette Cot- £24.99

Disclaimer: I have a written consent from all brands mentioned to use above pictures.


  1. I love number 2, but think number 4 looks fun and could also double up as a little ball pit when baby is a bit older! Thanks for linking up! #binkylinky

  2. Number 2 for me as well! #pocolo

  3. I LOVE reading your blog and have nominated you for the Inspiring Blog Award!! I hope you will accept! I have written about it here:
    Keep doing what you do! :)

    p.s I like Number 2! x

  4. We spent so much time visiting distant relatives when Lewis came along, I think at one point we owned 4 travel cots, located throughout the UK. They were all different brands, but they all did the same job, and I can't say I thought any one was better than the other! #binkylinky

  5. Travel cots have to be one of the best inventions ever! I love number 4 for easy travel! Thank you for linking to PoCoLo :) x

  6. These are all such great prices!! Some of the ones I've been looking at have been a right rip off! I need to get one for when we go visiting as none of our family really live around where we are just now. Thanks for sharing :) #binkylinky

  7. We use our travel cot a lot and the biggest problem is that it's quite heavy for me to get in and out of the car and up and down stairs. Number 4 looks like it might be a lot lighter.
    Thanks for linking up with #BinkyLinky