Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Pregnancy update 17 weeks

Visible changes in my body: for the past few weeks it feels like my belly is more wobbly, which makes me think that I look overweight rather than pregnant; plus I have noticed that most of the time have dry lips, I just always bite them

How do I feel: headaches are gone (touch wood); and I feel less sick, the only time I feel sick or vomit is before we go to bed; also still have increased sense of smell, but its not so bad any more comparing to what it was before

Cravings: still none

My family's attitude towards pregnancy: my mother always worries about me- what I eat, what do I wear, in what position do I sit etc.; my family-in-law - parents and older sister-in-law they how do I feel, do I feel baby kicking etc., but the younger sister-in-law never asked me any questions, she even forgot the date of our dating scan.

My feeling about family attitude- my mum sometimes is overprotective and it can be annoying at times but she didn’t have proper experience with my elder sister, when she was pregnant so I do understand her; my in-laws they give me attention, ask questions, but the fact that younger one is being ignorant surprises me a lot, my husband tells me that she is possibly too young (23) to bother about things like that..i do not know, but it bothers me..

Baby: At 17 weeks pregnant baby’s limbs and vital organs are now fully formed so s\he will just continue growing in size. S\he will be growing eyebrows and eyelashes and maybe even some hair on her\his head.
S\he will also be very active now – babies at this stage like to kick, punch and turn around in the uterus. S\he can hear and respond to noises outside the uterus.

Where your family relatives attentive towards you and bump?

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