Friday, 10 January 2014

Beware neighbours..


Do you know what I'm dreaming of? I'm dreaming to live in piece and quiet, to have respectful neighbours (hereafter "N") and ideally to have my own home.

This morning I have been woken up by some noise coming from outside, as by nature I'm interested in things around me, I looked through the window and saw lots of wires lying in our front garden, my first thought- "N".

So I went downstairs to make some breakfast and tea while looking through the window onto our back garden, what I saw surprised me a lot. I saw our "N" walking casually into our garden and moving our dust bins out of her way. At that point I opened the window to ask whats going on and to remind them that its trespassing. I was incredibly surprised to hear that our garden is a communal area and as the owner of the property they have access to our garden if they need to do any works, she apologised and said that next time will let us know of any works and just carried on doing her own thing in our garden.

At that point I felt that I am like a boiling kettle, that something is not right here, that what they are doing is wrong regardless of her apologising for intrusion. Without hesitation I called our estate agency to speak with agent who told me to tell "N" to go away (my initial thought and reaction to everything I saw in the garden), I thought that it will be better if the agent will tell it to "N" herself as our representative, so I passed on the phone to "N". While "N" had conversation with agent contractor told me that "N" said that she sorted everything with us and we knew that they are coming which wasn't a case. 

Anyway, after "N"passed me the phone back agent told me that in the "N"  Owner Deeds says that they have access and its communal area (which makes me wonder how on earth we never been told about this, I'm sure we have a right to know these things). Basically we cant do anything about it but ideally they need to let us know of any works before hand.

When I put the phone down I started thinking what will follow after all these..we are not mates with our "N" due to noise nuisance issues we have had before. Last year I had to knock on their door at 4 am as we couldn't sleep because we could hear noises and laughter coming from their house, so when I knocked on the door she started swearing, telling me that if you don't like it move out or call the the morning as she still was unhappy that I interrupted them she started banging on the walls, on our front door ( I know that she did it on purpose, not a coincidence).
I am terrified, scared even to think about our upcoming weekend, and how they can “punish” us again for complaining. As a tenant I feel absolutely helpless against an owner of the property.

You cant even imagine how I want this nightmare to end, not to be forced to go to spare room as they having an argument or being loud, to wake up or fall asleep not hearing them at all, to look in the garden and not seeing them there (3 occasion of their trespassing without notifying us), I want piece and quiet for us 3...

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  1. I can really relate to how you are feeling as I also have neighbours from hell and I also feel for you as I do not know what I would do if my neighbours actually owned my home! I see this was posted in January so I really hope that things have improved for you since then :-) #GoldenOldies