Friday, 3 January 2014

My 28th birthday!

Yesterday it was my 28th birthday and our 16 weeks antenatal appointment.

I think I have changed a lot since I found out I am pregnant with our first baby. From me not quite understanding what is going on and being scared of upcoming changes I matured into a person carrying for a new life inside me, I am calmer, more emotional when it comes to baby chats (I guess due to hormones), every night I fall asleep by placing my hand on my belly. It feels great!

I had lots of attention and presents from my new and old family (including lots of clothes from New look maternity range), but the best present ever was the moment when we heard our baby's heartbeat. I felt so relieved and happy at the same time and very tearful!

Did you feel the same way or was it different for you?

My photo report of the day:

Can you guess who gave me this one?)

My birthday flake cake

Bouquet #1

Pressie from my lovely sister-in-law (New Look maternity range)

Can you imagine this is also from my sister in-law (New Look maternity range)

Flowers #2

Flowers #3

Happy Birthday to me!)


  1. Love the pictures - and very jealous of all the tops! You have a very generous sister-in-law :)

  2. Happy Birthday. Looks like you were spoiled :) x

  3. Happy Birthday - the cake looks delish! #MMWBH

    1. Thank you! I've tried flake cake for the first time its a bit too sweet for my liking, but each to their own)

  4. Many happy returns! Cake looks yum:) #MMWBH