Friday, 3 June 2016

Magical "firsts" with #PetitsFilousFirsts

This post is an entry for BritMums #PetitsFilousFirsts Linky Challenge, sponsored by Petits Filous.

Since the day L was born I felt unconditional love, I wanted to be there to see her firsts, to take pictures of every single facial expression she makes, new milestone she reaches, I didn't want to miss a thing!
Her first smile (it could have been wind) made me teary, her crawling took me by surprised as I thought L will follow my steps and skip this stage, first "mama", first cuddles and kisses are just a few of the best "firsts" we had. 

When it was time to introduce L to solids, I had a plan in mind, and once we started following it I quickly realised that L's body is not happy with new foods. Lactolose, baby rice and petits filous were a new, better alternative and of course yet another exciting and challenging "firsts"!

L is now almost 2 and until recently I didn't know that My First Petits Filous exists.
"A new low sugar weaning product from the UK’s #1 kid’s yogurt and fromage frais brand*- Petits Filous

My First Petits Filous is a low sugar, vanilla-flavour weaning fromage frais, designed to introduce children to fromage frais from 6 months. The main ingredient is milk and all ingredients are 100% naturally sourced, so parents can rest assured there are no artificial colours, flavours, sweeteners or added preservatives. Not only is My First Petits Filous delicious, it has calcium and protein to help children develop strong bones from an early age and the low sugar content reassures parents that their child will maintain a balanced diet during weaning".
I decided to have a cheeky taste first and I loved it, such a tasty, settle vanilla flavour which works perfectly well! Now, the hardest job was to try and convince a fussy eater that the new, unknown looking pot doesn't mean danger.

I normally offer a pot of petits filous with L's porridge leftovers but this time for her first taster I offered My First Petits Filous on it's own, oh yes, L liked it a lot! Another "first" with a new low in sugar Petits Filous, just perfect for us!

Since L's first taste of My First Petits Filous, we took few pots with us on a little adventure- a family festival which was another first not only for L but for us too!

 I kept them in a cool bag in the shade so that L can enjoy them when feels hungry or thirsty whilst watching the entertainment on the stage, what more can you wish for!

 Another day, another first with My First Petit Filous, I wonder where it will take us next time!

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  1. Lovely to hear special firsts. Commenting for myself and on behalf of BritMums and thanking you for taking part