Wednesday, 1 June 2016

Little L is 23 months

Oh what a month we had with L!  She is such a little, funny character but those tantrums she has are exhausting! We thought that it's troublesome twos, all those "I want this now", "no, I will do it myself", "no, no, no" are a part of our daily life now, but sleepless night or really early wakings were the worst. Eventually we found out that L is teething, you can never tell when she is..

Apart from little tantrums we had lots of cuteness, singing, twerking and talking!
I need to make a list of the words, phrases she says, my favourite by far is "fower" for flower!
During the day when it's just me and L I try to encourage more Russian than English but every single time she visits her grandparents she would say something new in English.

She finally started to recognise colours and fruits and veggies, L wouldn't necessarily name them but would point out. Counting is another activity we do, whilst I prepare porridge for L, I count spoons up to 5 and repeat it over and over again for her, so far L knows how to say "five" in Russian.

Clothing wise L fits into some 9-12, 12-18 and 18-24, few weeks ago I decided to buy new clothes from 2-3 years but I think bought too many dresses even though I'm a fan of more practical items- leggings, trousers and tops.

Potty training is not very successful for now, before bedtime L goes on a potty but nothing happens. I'm hoping that a change of scene might help, we are going to Russia soon and that might encourage her to learn more Russian words and potty training (if my mum helps).

Wish us luck :-) 

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