Thursday, 8 January 2015

Little L is 6 months

Just over a week ago it was L's half birthday, unbelievable! Little one missed her very first Christmas celebrations as our household was in quarantine, but she had all the attention in the world on New Year Day. She wasn't interested in presents opening, in fact she didn't care about presents at all and those pictures I tried to take are not really good ones. I hope that next Christmas will be a proper 1st Christmas for us as she will be more interested in things and fancy wrapping paper.

L is just few days into 6 months and seems like a different baby- she wants to sit upright, very active, smiley, interacts more, she used to avoid eye to eye contact where as now she likes to do it.

She likes jumperoo more, she won't fall asleep there like some babies but she can stay there, jump, babble to herself. Oh she just loves to babble, she sticks her tongue out and just babbles to herself or trying to have a chat with us.

Clothing- L outgrown her 3-6 outfits and seems to be too small for 6-9 months items. I need to find a brand which will fit us perfectly.

Weight- L dropped on a lower centile line which according to HV nothing to worry about. How weird when L was born health visitors and midwives pestered me about L's weight loss and now she is just a small baby.

It's been a month since L started solids, I can't say that it made her calmer or her sleep improved, it seems like it made things worse- she is constipated most of the time, in particular sweet potato caused us lots of worries. She can be constipated for 5 days, we tried prunes, juices, water, lactolose but it's not working out. I'm hoping that it gets better otherwise will have to ask our GP to prescribe something else.

Everyone says that L changes every day, I can only hope that her sleeping and eating routine will change for the better as well.

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