Monday, 15 December 2014

Nordic wipes review

When L was born I started to use water wipes but just few days later I have noticed that she has a nappy rash. I decided to use baby wipes when on the go and for day to day bum wiping to use well- known cotton wool and water. 

Few months ago I came across Nordic Wipes and thought that it's a great alternative to cotton wool.
We are two Danish mums that have started a company called Nordic Wipes, that specializes in unique allergy friendly wipes, which can help prevent nappy rash. These wipes have been used my mums and nurseries in the Nordic countries for decades. Moving to UK we realized that these wipes did not exist, and after having family and friends bringing them over for years, we decided to start our own company.

Today the wipe is recommended by Nordic midwives and health visitors, to be used on newborns and babies as it is good for sensitive skin, and helps prevent nappy rash. 

The Nordic Wipe is:
100% Allergy friendly
100% Fragrance Free
100% Parabene Free
100% Free of preservation substances
100% Free of colouring and bleaching agents
100% Disposable
100% Oeko-Tex certified

Nordic wipes (100 wipes in a pack) come in a vacuum compressed bag once I had opened the pack it expanded.
I have received a pack of full size wipes, they also come in half size. The total price for a box of 5 packs of wipes is £9 including postage. You can purchase them here.

It is very easy to use Nordic wipes just follow these easy steps:
- open the pack
- take the wipe out
- wet the wipe
- squeeze excess water if needed
- apply the wet wipe on your baby's skin
Wipes are made of soft foam and become even softer when wet and don't leave any irritations on baby's skin. Even though they are foam wipes when wiping nothing comes through and your fingers will be poo-free.
We have been cutting wipes into small strips or just torn bits for "topping and tailing" and at every nappy change, by doing so they lasted longer.
I wasn't brave enough to use them when out and about as recommended on the website, as I think it might get messy especially when changing area is lacking in space. 

The only minor concern I had was with storing the wipes, as from the moment you open a pack you can't put the wipes back in it's packaging, but if you can find a tin or a small box it won't be a problem. I have also noticed that over the time wipes became yellow- ish but this didn't affect it's properties.

Recommendations: as per my previous comment it would be great to see a range of products from wipes to storage boxes.

Disclaimer: I was sent the above items for the purpose of this review. All thought and opinions are my own.

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  1. We had a pack of these sent in a new baby box when Ben was born. I love the idea of them, especially as we use cloth nappies and wipes, but I have real issues with foam (it squeaks, eek!) so can't use them. I think they are a fantastic idea if you're not weird like me!! #triedtested