Thursday, 18 December 2014

Little L is 5 months

I can't believe L is 5 months!! We've been through lack of sleep, lack of time, arguments, doubts, crying, smiles, poonamy, rolling back and forth, touching toes and lots more. 
As L is tiny comparing to other babies her age, she is now dropped to 2nd centile line, I thought that 5 months is the best time to introduce solids. She is showing the interested in what we eat or drink and gets upset if I'm not sharing a glass of water with her. She is obsessed with bottles especially if they have something inside, every time she sees a bottle she wants to grab it and every time she sees a glass of water she holds it with 2 hands if I give it to her and pretends to drink.

Her 2 bottom teeth are pretty much there for everyone to see, so weird to see these changes. L has all signs of teething- has rash on her body and face, grumpy and has odd days of long naps . We have tried Dentinox and now testing Anbesol, but none of these seem to work. 

Sleep during the day or night has been the main issue for me this month, she won't fall asleep on her own, for the past couple of weeks it happened just once, when I try to calm her and then leave the room she starts crying, it either takes us hours or she falls asleep and wakes up at 10 pm ready to be entertained.
I thought that when we move house and start solids she will sleep better, I was fooling myself. Health visitor suggested to put L in a cot with a comforter, we have previously tried comfort blanket and my pillow- it never worked, but I'm willing to try it again. Health visitor's method is slightly different to mine, I used to sleep with comforter so that it smells of me or put it in my bra and then leave it next to L in her cot, health visitor suggested to have comforter with us at all times, few days later to try and leave L on her own in a cot but with the comforter, apparently it can take 3-4 days and it should work. Fingers crossed!

It is fascinating to watch L grow and develop! Sometimes she is lifting her hand and looking at it from a different angle or when she is trying to roll but one of the arms is on the way or her weird laughter if something is incredibly funny or weird noises she makes!

I think I'm obsessed with her, can't help myself but we are so attached to each other that I don't trust anyone with her. She sees her grandparents, aunties and cousin but I worry a lot about her playing on a cold wooden floor or her being to close to cats or too close to someone smoking or coughing. I feel overprotective and full of love towards her!

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  1. Hopefully the comforter trick will work! M was never interested in comforters until she hit 6.5 months and now she won't sleep without her monkey