Monday, 3 April 2017

Review: clothes labelling with Stamptastic

When L started nursery back in September last year I had a set of iron on labels to use, which at first were really helpful. Few months later I have realised that name labels don't last forever and I just can't be bothered with ironing every single item of L's clothing. 

I knew that I need to find something better, something that will last almost forever and I did! Stamptastic is my little saviour! If you don't know this brand

"Stamptastic stamps can be personalised with names up to 22 letters long. Each stamp and ink pad lasts for years, so this really is a one-off purchase that will see you through endless years of school uniform, cub camps and sports days".

Order process was extremely easy:
- click on the product required (stamp £10 and ink pad £12 come is separate listings)
- write the name of your child in a box when ordering a stamp(on the right side of the page)
-choose font and size
- add to shopping basket

At first I wanted to order Stamptastic kit via Amazon but found that listing doesn't allow me to order individual products where as official website does. I have ordered personalised stamp itself and Stamptastic ink pad. The kit arrived within 2 days which is super quick!
The moment I have opened the stamp and started my new stamping duties I felt myself like a child, I wanted to stamp everything! It's so exciting and most importantly so easy and quick!! If I were to compare the time I have spent ironing name labels and stamping L's clothes, bottles, wet wipes packets etc.. the latter is by far the quickest method!
Since then L's clothes were washed few times and name stamp looks as good as new! My only tip would be to make sure that you have firmly pressed on the ink pad with the stamp so that you have more use of it and brighter/darker stamp on the clothing.

A definite must for all families with kids!

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