Wednesday, 1 April 2015

Little L is 9 months

My little girl is the whole 9 months old! Last month was full of new milestones and I couldn't be happier for L being such a good girl and so mature in a way.

L is still under 7 kg, but has breast milk throughout the day as well as 3 meals. 
I have previously mentioned that she tried to "sing" with daddy, she keeps doing it from time to time as well as wiggles which I think is a way of dancing if she recognises the song.

Most of the month L struggled with teething and our routine is all messed up, but I try to be led by L and just follow the signs. Little L now has 4 teeth (2 top and 2 bottom) and since yesterday another set of top 2 teeth are coming through. I feel so sorry for her couple of days ago she was in so much pain that couldn't sleep during the day or night, thankfully paracetamol kicked in and after a very long day she fell asleep.

My little munchkin has finally started to crawl! I thought that she will be like mummy and will walk and not crawl, even though it looks a little bit clumsy sometimes as if she is dragging her own legs but she is very into crawling now! And not only that, she is standing and according to in-laws tried to do few steps! 

I am so happy to have her in my life and seeing her grow and develop! 


  1. My two girls are 2 and 3 and fight more than play. They are also both masters of the epic tantrum. Grrr

  2. Happy 9 Months Little L I can't believe how time has flown it seems like only yesterday you were saying you were pregnant.