Monday, 7 October 2013

Review- Turtlemeter (baby bath toy and thermometer) by Ozeri

I have been given an opportunity to review Turtlemeter- the Baby Bath Floating Turtle Toy and Bath Thermometer by Ozeri.

“Turtlemeter has been designed to help ensure that bathwater is at safer and more comfortable temperature for a child”.

I have opted for a Turtlemeter, as it looks funky and just something different to a world famous rubber duck.
At the front and back of Turtlemeter packaging you can find an overview of the product including age grade, pros of the product and summary of digital display readings. 

Inside packaging we have a lovely Turtlemeter, which includes 3 AAA batteries, product registration form and a leaflet with more detailed information about a product, instructions, warnings, replacing the batteries and warranty information.

“The Turtlemeter works by measuring the bathwater temperature every second, and displays the current temperature on the centre of the LCD screen. The LCD also provides a colour-coded backlight based on the measured water temperature. The colours are Blue if the water temperature is Too Cold, Green if the water temperature is Just Right, and Red if the water is Too Hot”.

So far I found one minus- temperature reading are not adapted for the UK market. As it is an American based company temperature reading are in Fahrenheit, which is not very helpful if you are living in the UK. 

Overall, it is a funky and easy to use product. I will certainly use it in the future, even though it is a bit of a hassle to convert temperature from °F to ºC, i will possibly use a converter and/or physically check the water myself. 

P.S. I have adapted grammar from leaflets and packaging into British English.

Disclamer: We were sent the Turtlemeter for the purpose of a review. All views and opinions are honest and my own.


  1. Presumably the colours are still accurate though? It's a lovely idea for a product

    1. indeed, but i suppose its always better to be reassured plus Ozeri itself advise to check the water physically

  2. What a cute little thermometer and I love how the colours change when the waters to hot or cold! New follower from #MMWBH xx

  3. Love the cute thermometer...lovely idea.
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  4. Wow so cute...i really love to have it. But to those who are practical Mom, it is better to have a one for all thermometer, and you can have it through the Non- contact forehead thermometer.