Monday, 3 August 2015

Review: Huggies Little swimmers swim pants

When I was pregnant with L I used to read My two mums adventures in a swimming pool with the little man as I was interested how a baby can handle swimming pool, in particular what happens when they do a wee or poo. I have never considered an idea that a baby can wear swimming pants simply because I wasn't aware of their existence. 
Since I gave birth I wanted to take L to the swimming pool but was either waiting when she had a full set of jabs or when I can be bothered to go to the swimming pool (yes, I'm a little bit lazy these days). We had few sunny days in June which meant lots of fun in a paddling pool for L. Huggies have kindly sent us a pack of Huggies Little swimmers swim pants.

Swim pants are available in 3 sizes: 2-3 (3kg-8kg), 3-4 (7kg-15kg) and 5-6 (12kg-18kg). 

 I like the principal of pull up pants as I think they are much easier to put on a wriggly baby and I was pleasantly surprised to see that Little swimmers are pull up ones. 
We have tested Little swimmers in size 3-4 (£5.90 in my local Sainsbury's) which fits perfectly on L. 
The waistband, side panels and material around thigh area are stretchy which mean that you baby won't feel restricted or uncomfortable. 
The side panels can be adjusted it you think that they are too tight or too loose for your little one. The front and back of the swim pants is clearly marked the front has Nemo clown fish and at the back it will say "back". 
Once L was out of the water I decided to check Little swimmers pants if they were full of water from the pool and they were as full as normal nappy would be which means that they hold the wee and don't soak any water from the outside.

Overall, a great product which we will be using on our holiday. Would be great to see maybe gender- specific or a lager variety of designs.

Disclaimer: I was sent the pack of swim pants mentioned above for the purpose of this review. All thoughts and opinions are my own.


  1. We like our Huggies swim pants too; it does what it says, doesn't it.

  2. I can remember using these when my daughter was little, they are really great at giving that peace of mind when you go swimming

  3. Ah we love these! I've been using them for 3.5 years with my two and they have never let me down!