Friday, 29 May 2015

What do balloons mean to me

What do balloons mean to me...??

To start with, other than the nervous feeling I get when one is about to bang, balloons are rather cool.

My first memory of a balloon, was from my first every visit to the circus. Imagine the excitement of seeing a clown live or a lion & tiger performing in front of your very eyes.. but the balloon given to me by my mother at the end of the show, is a reminder of that joyful experience.

My most recent experience of balloons, is a large one purchased for my wedding. 
We purchased a bride & groom balloon which greeted guests for us (very useful – whilst we had a drink). It was free standing and filled with helium.. it is a shame that one of my cousins got his hands on the grooms head – pop! (he is only 3 bless him). So by 9pm a blown up bride and deflated headed gloom greeted the evening guests.. floppy head, so funny!

Balloons are basically items of an experience..
Valentines day
Shop opening

Hot air balloon (personal experience)
Barrage Balloon/Blimp (mainly a store experience)

What words do I associate with balloons:
Bang (I have 20 year old friends who are frightened of the noise they make)
Tying (string, knot, bow, tape etc.. so many choices of attachments)
Many (far too many that you always end up with spares in a kitchen drawer – unless you purchased just the one)
Motive (those wonderful people outside of the newly opened shop who lure you in with a balloon for your child – sneaky!!)
Fun (they are fun, the breath taking effort to blowing them up, to the wonderful Donald duck voice as you inhale the air when deflating – messes up your throat mind you)
Happy (in a way, mainly happy that I have finally blown them up and I can fetch my inhaler)
Falling (without helium – obviously)
Breath (or the lack of it when trying to get them filling with air)
Banner (the one I have created at the top – admit it, its super cool!)
Water (I had so much fun with those back in the day.. if you needed a quick wash, just throw one of those into the ground)

Did you know the early balloons were made from bladders? Got to love Wikipedia (assuming that is accurate?).. weird!
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